Women's Action for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

 April 10, 2020

Final Round of the First China Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest

To encourage women to adapt to the new normal of China's economic growth and to participate in the widespread entrepreneurship and innovation, ACWF launched the "Women's Actions for Entrepreneurship and Innovation" campaign in June 2015, aiming to improve women's competence in entrepreneurship and innovation, increase services, and create a sound environment. ACWF has conducted training for over 5.5 million women, and has helped millions of women to start their own businesses or to be employed. Over the past five years, ACWF has awarded 5,966 Advanced Teams and conferred 2,998 women with the title of "Women Pacesetters for Achievements" at the national level. A large number of women from various fields has been nurtured as role models for their professionality, outstanding vocational skills and entrepreneurship. These efforts have promoted entrepreneurship and innovation, and played an active role in economic and social development. 


(Women of China)


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