Professional Storage Organizers Welcomed by the Market

 April 28, 2021
A professional storage organizer puts things in order at the home of a client. [China Youth Daily]


When it came to housekeeping, Ms. Xiong always felt overwhelmed. However, after inviting a professional storage organizer to offer her storage solutions and recommendations, the woman said her house has become tidier and much more organized than before.

The organizer, named Li Jingyi, born after the 1990s, is currently working in Zhuhai, southern China's Guangdong Province. According to Li, people in her city nowadays have a greater demand than ever for home organizing services. And because of this, Li opened her own workshop to delve deeper into the market.

"Storage organizer" was listed as an emerging profession in China at the beginning of 2021. According to statistics from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MHRSS), more than 40 percent of the practitioners in the industry can earn an annual income of more than 100,000 yuan ($15,410), with the industry having to create 20,000 such jobs in the future two years so as to cope with the market demand.

Different from housekeeping, a storage organizer starts by learning about the needs and living habits of the customer. During this process, she or he also teaches the customer storage skills, which may include how to best hang clothes in a closet so that they occupy less space without getting crumpled. The solutions are tailored-made based on the specific habits of individual customers.

An industry white paper released in 2020 showed that about 85 percent of Chinese people knew little about space planning in their houses. Among these people, 91 percent were hoarders; 83 percent placed more than 500 articles of clothing in their wardrobe; while 75 percent wasted space in their homes for storage purposes.

"What the professionals do is to help people keep things orderly and cultivate a healthy living habit," said Tan Tan, founder of Anan Storage, a storage solution provider based in Beijing, who added that a desirable living space is highly valued nowadays by people whose livelihoods have improved alongside significant shifts in their consumption behaviors.

Anan Storage's customers are mostly individuals born in the 1980s and 1990s. Starting from the end of 2020, the company saw a significant increase in the number of customers born in the 1960s and 1970s, indicating that the industry has already gained widespread recognition among people in different age groups, according to Tan, disclosing that the volume of services that the company had provided in 2020 was four times that of the previous year.

"In 2020, we tripled the number of training sessions we provided for our employees from that of a year ago, but we still could barely meet the need of the market for professionals," said Tan, citing the business situation for the company's branches in the cities of Zhengzhou, Ningbo and Guangzhou.


(Source: People's Daily Online)


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